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Loooong time no see

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 11:04 PM
I really really want to thank everyone who's been supporting me over the last couple of years, even when I haven't been around to appreciate all of you. So I want to say thank you and have a little reintroduction for everyone I haven't met yet. 

My name is James, I'm a cosmetologist working as a hairstylist and like to create art and take photographs as a hobby. I haven't really felt the need to create anything for a long time but that's changed, again. I have lots of personal creations that I would like to share with anyone interested in seeing them, I just don't expect people to take me too seriously as I don't see myself as anything special. Please feel free to see what interests me through my gallery and if you want to connect more I'm more then happy to receive comments and messages.

Also, if you messaged or commented me in the last year I promise I've read it and will respond soon!

Profiles to reach me
(this is my personal, I hardly ever check my 'fan page') 
**this is a really personal blog so by request only 

I'm not really active on the Internet (。・//ε//・。)
I mostly just watch youtube now...

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Giveaway winners!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 18, 2012, 7:32 AM

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Finally the time has come for me to announce the winners! Thank you everyone who gave :points: and :+fav: this journal. Also, look forward to the art feature and feel free to donate points at anytime so that I can do this again. I'll contact the winners and give the points ASAP.

Random number list

1. :iconizumiko-san:
Donation proof

2. :iconhomikka:
Donation proof
(features received)

3. :iconlittle-miss-kay:
Donation proof
(features received)

4. The-Great-Bunbutchi
(features received)
5. Sakujochan
6. miyaotohime
7. aeriia
(features received)
8. keirui
9. delcattylover53
(features received)
10. rouge2t7

Hey! I'm so super busy right now that I can't choose the winners tonight, which I was planning on doing. That means I'll extend this until the morning and try to post the winners by noon MST 7/26!

Sorry for making you wait, I have some last minute school enrollment today which means I'll be a student again starting Tuesday. AHHH!

I've decided to have a bit of a contest and give away some points toward premium or whatever you want to do with them.

1. Favorite this journal :+fav:. The winners will be chosen using from the list of people who favorite.
2. You don't have to watch me or anything, this is just my way of contributing to the community. Also, if you like the idea of this you can donate points to me and I'll use them to have another giveaway in the future. I have premium for the next year so I honestly won't be spending them on anything.
3. Please don't spam or beg me for anything! I will see that as you forfeiting your right to win.

:points: :points:  Prizes :points: :points:

1st: 500 :points:  and be included in an art feature!
2nd: 300 :points:  and be included in an art feature!
3rd: 50 :points: and be included in an art feature!
4th - 10th included in the art feature!

Also, anyone who wins and is allowed in the art feature is also allowed to advertise their commissions! :nod:  
(In the feature I might choose more than the three winners)

I will decide the winners July 25th and post the winner's feature after I've contacted them! Look for a message from me to know if you won.

Good luck and tell everyone, this contest is completely by chance and I ask for nothing in return. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
Have a nice day!

Hey hey! Check out :iconxia22: 1,000 :points: giveaway!
That's right.  I, :iconxia22:, with the help of :iconhoneyandthedevon: are giving away 1,000 deviantART points for free.  So check out this journal for what you have to do to have a chance!
:bulletpink: Here's what you have to do. :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: You must watch both :iconxia22: and :iconhoneyandthedevon:.
:bulletpink: You must fave this journal so other people will see it.
:bulletpink: Make a journal advertising this giveaway and make sure you LINK BACK TO THIS JOURNAL.
[Bullet; Pink] Fave this: so people will see the giveaway.
[Bullet; Pink] Comment on this journal with a link to your advertising journal.
[Bullet; Pink] And favorite either one of these journals to help advertise our contests!
[Star!] That's pretty much it.  Make sure to spread

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Made books

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2012, 10:32 AM

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There were so many books now I decided just to put them in their own entry. Feel free to leave links on this, the tutorial, a note or on my profile :)

BoS Completed o3o by JCBumblebeeDIY - Small booklet by KaraNariIt`s my cup of tea - (part 1) by RedilionDr Who day book by CreampawsBlack Journal by CreampawsJami-Themed Sketchbook by ameanjennMini book by Mephisto-Myrddin:thumb356189626:Totoro note book by AnuiiBook of Shadows by JamesDarrowMini Book by JamesDarrowself-made book first try by ineosbook by cbrooks903Hand Bound Book by otohime0394First Book Attempt by EAldrichsketchBook. by Lady2Shiver - New binding by ShutterBug97''Sketches And Thougts'' Book by mbahBook2 - Purple by EAldrichHand Made Journal by moonlitblackcatMy black book by respettMini Book by JamesDarrowBooks by lhasa2010Little Book of Colours by mbahSketch Book by XenaLollieNotebook 1 by luisatmnotebook 2 by luisatmnotebook 3 by luisatmNotebook 4 by luisatmNotebook 5 by luisatm.: Finished Sketchbook :. by Lil-Mouse-Chan''To Do'' Book by mbahNotebook by 666LadyLilithBook of the Awesomeness by VampirkaetzchenTiny Book Process by JamesDarrow.: Watermelons :. Stetchbook by bell-channCompass Book by saphira3479My handmade book by Maler002handmade book inside by Maler002Book Crafting! by Pistachio-sanGift: evil pineapple notebook by HazyDreamerNekoMini Notebook! by Jane-RtSecond Book-Binding Attempt by Aura-Kitty92Handmade book by yliadinosaurJapanese Notebook Covers by Totemo-OishiiCheyenne: Dear Diary by Control-the-Chaos:thumb318819399:book! by Justanelementbook! by Justanelement:thumb320693464:Handmade Floral Book by ashitx2015-02-28 12-19-49 913[1] by netmiff

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